About Us

Our reason for existence is to provide a transparent platform to leverage truly the immense power of this programming language, which, in our opinion, represents the best available commercial OLTP programming environment available in computing today, especially when paired with the immense power of the DB2 for i relational database engine.

This record-based language environment, as opposed to a “bit-” based environment, allows for the most efficient processing of commercial transactions.

This group was originally created in early 2009, shortly after the introduction of “group” functionality on LinkedIn, by our group’s founder, John McKay.

John’s career moved away from the IBM platform and hence handed the baton to the current group owner, Marinus van Sandwyk.

Marinus is ably assisted by some of the leading RPG developers in the world to provide independent and highly experienced guidance and code examples in an “open source” initiative, which allows the free use of all the code provided here.

The current group managers/moderators:

Tommy Atkins

Jim Buck

Mike Moegling

Please note that this website and associated professional group on LinkedIn is a COMMUNITY initiative with no ties or endorsement from IBM in any way.

It does not compete with the functionality of other community initiatives (links provided), but is focussed on augmenting these initiatives with a platform to share code and templates easily. Additionally, we are attempting to provide a detailed, searchable archive of articles and code examples.