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The web site is pleased to announce that we have added two enhancements to our site that many people working in the AS400/iSeries/i5/IBMi community could find very helpful at some point.

The 1st enhancement, created entirely by Jim Steil, is a HireBoard where programmers, system administrators, computer operators, network administrators, and IT managers who are looking for work can add a record to the board themselves without having to wait for me to post their resumes on the ALL400s ‘Featured Resumes’ page.  That page has been changed to ‘Hiring Board’ and clicking on it will bring you to an area where you can enter details about yourself and where companies who have had a hard time finding people can go to and use the filters there to narrow their search down to exactly the type of people they’re looking for.

This new feature is free, like everything else on the site, but unlike the other resources that are available on the site you will have to register with an email address to use this one.  It was the only way we could think of to make sure you are the only one who can change or delete your particular record.  If you’re afraid of spammers harvesting email addresses put into the contact information section please create a temporary email address on a site like Gmail or Yahoo and use that as your contact address.

This enhancement isn’t only going to be used by people who are looking for a job though.  It’s also going to be tied into the 2nd enhancement that has been added to the ALL400s site.  Towards that end, if you already have a job we would greatly appreciate it if you’d add a record that just has your name and job title on it, leaving the ‘Available’ box unchecked.  The reason for that will become clear in a second.

Our 2nd enhancement is the addition of a new Counter Points page.  Many new executives and competing computer companies are trying to get companies to switch off of the platform, giving several reasons why they should.  This new page provides I.T. departments with counterpoints to those arguments that will increase their chances of being able to stay on the platform until they’re ready to move up to the latest offering from IBM.  One of the points people try to make in order to get companies to switch platforms is that the number of people who can support the platform is rapidly dwindling.  That particular argument is why I asked people to create a record on the Hiring Board earlier.  It will give IT departments the chance to pick a position, programmer/analyst for instance, filter the list by that job title, and then say “See – here are 100 people who can fill that position right now and the other three thousand people you see on list will probably be available at some point down the road.”

In order to keep people from having to hunt to take a quick look at the two new enhancements I’ve provided links directly to them below.

The Hiring Board -

The Counter Points page -

By the way, if you know of any more examples we can add to show what it looks like when an IBMi or any or its predecessors are running a web site please send links to them to me at and I’ll add them to the Counter Points page.  I’m sure many people in our community will appreciate it, myself included.  

I should also add that it's not just I.T. departments who might benefit from using the new Counter Points page to convince their company to stay on the platform.  If a software vendor hears that a client, or potential client, is thinking of moving off of the platform they could use it to help convince their clients to stay on the platform too.

Posted : 26/01/2021 11:44 am