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Marinus van Sandwyk
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Dear ILE-RPG Developers

Please note that this group has two components to it: the LinkedIn group and then our own website ( ), which you are using right now.

The link for the LinkedIn group is:

You need to subscribe (register) to BOTH (or only one, if you only want to follow one) the Blog and the Forums, and also configure your settings in terms of what notifications you would like to receive. You don’t have to register to only read the contents, but if you want to participate and share your views, you need to be registered.

We have DELIBERATELY chosen to separate the Blog and Forum functionality, to facilitate more granular control.

Therefor, PLEASE NOTE that the Blog and Forum functionality is managed independently.

We will do our best to structure and manage the group as best we can, attempting to categorize participation into suitable Topics. When you do post something, please post it into the most suitable topic?

If you have ANY suggestions of how we can improve this group, maximizing the value you get from it, PLEASE share your views with us? This is YOUR group and the success of this initiative depends on YOU!!

Use either the CONTACT form, or email us at

RPG Greetings!

Posted : 07/12/2020 12:27 pm